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Create a custom vrchat avatar commission by Samayevr | Fiverr

For Regular Avatar Commissions:

My starting range for an avatar commission starts at $100, then more depending on some factors. For example, if you describe the kind of avatar you are looking for and we need to buy a new hairstyle or clothing because I don't own it, we raise the price to include that piece. It will also cost more depending on how many toggles you want. If you have an avatar with no toggles vs breast size, butt size, hairstyle change, clothing change, color changes, etc it will make a big difference in price. Orders have been around $250 on average but could be anywhere from $160 to $500.

To start, give me a description or reference of what you are looking for, including toggles. From there I will be able to give you a good starting range. If you can get a list of everything you want it will be easier to give an estimate.

Working with me will be easy as we will ensure you are happy every step of the way by sending you pictures and other updates on everything I do. If you are unhappy with anything at all we will change it. Customs get delivered in only 21 days!

Please keep in mind that while I test the avatar in VR before delivery, you may still experience some mistakes or things you don't like on the avatar in the end. I am happy to get these things fixed for you as you being happy in the end is the goal here for me.

Further Details:

See this as a shopping list, if you will.

Find assets for you - $20

Phys Bones - $5

Expressions - $5

Simple Toggleable Hand Items - $10

Hue (Color) Slider - $20 /Saturation Slider - $20 / Brightness Slider - $20

Color Changes (Using Materials) - $20

Avatar Quality: Poor - $20, Medium - $35, Good - $50

Body Size Sliders - $30

Phys Contacts (Heatpat, Noseboop, Kiss, Slap, Highfive) - $10 for all.

Ragdoll System - $10

Hairstyles - $15 each

Extra Clothing - $15 each

Marker - $15

Audio Link (Avi lights up with world music) - $15

Custom Texture (ask me first) - $30

Quest Compatible - $20

Springjoint - $15

GoGo Loco - $10

Upload for you - $10 (Add a photo you've taken for free)

Convert VRM to VRChat - $30

DPS (no PP) - $20

Carbon Copy (Make a clone of yourself) - $15


  • No refunds whatsoever
  • If chargebacks are done, you forfeit all rights on the commission and I will put your avi on my shop.
  • You may stream with the model but you must credit me in your bio if you stream consistently with it
  • I do not accept blame if you don't know how to upload the model, just ask me
  • I will not recreate other's work
  • You may NOT share the model with anyone, it is yours only
  • All commissions have a revision period that allows you to find issues that I will fix for you, these should be expected as I cannot wear your avatar for several hours to test every possible position
  • I am not responsible for lost files. You are expected to back up your own file. Any avatars sent over Google Drive may be deleted at any point as I do not keep your avatar.

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