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Meet Morgan, A 3.0 Fallback Avatar

Stop being a toothbrush, a banana, or an alien. Morgan is a custom fallback avatar that works with a simplified quest version and an improved pc version. If you constantly use a very poor avatar, most people will by default hide your avatar for performance. Or if you use a pc only avatar, quest users will see your default fallback avatar. Now you can still look like a cute anime girl to those around you.

Not intended to use as a regular avatar, but feel free to if you so choose.

  • FBX Included
  • Upload Ready
  • FBT Ready
  • Phys Bones for both PC and Quest version. Only a few hair bones move on this one. Enough to make it feel like it moves. *Sleeves do not move.
  • Locomotion Fix

Unity 2019.4.31f1

PS the shoes are fine, I just suck at doublechecking my work in photoshop :)

Mouth does NOT move. My harddrive corrupted and we lost all blender files so we are unable to fix this. Please be aware before purchasing.

Also use this good quality avatar for events!


(Base) Pandaabear, (Head) nikkie#0088, (Head Texture - edited) miing, (Eye Texture) Yuri#0666, (Shoes) Tilly#5746, (Hair) rinebean#1111, (Outfit) rinebean#1111, (Ears) Swiftiefox#3535, (Bandaid) Cimomo#2611.

TOS Can Be Found Here


**This Avatar was made when we were co-partnered as soupiee. If you take issue with this as an asset creator for this avatar, please dm me.

You will get the following files:
  • TXT (1KB)

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