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Meet Anya, A 3.0 Fallback Avatar

Stop being a toothbrush, a banana, or an alien. Anya is a custom fallback avatar that works with a simplified quest version and an improved pc version. If you constantly use a very poor avatar, most people will by default hide your avatar for performance. Or if you use a pc only avatar, quest users will see your default fallback avatar. Now you can still look like a cute anime girl femboy to those around you. Use for events too!

Not intended to use as a regular avatar, but feel free to if you so choose.

  • FBX Included
  • Upload Ready
  • FBT Ready
  • Phys Bones for both PC and Quest version. Most hair bones move on this one for PC. Only a few hairs move on hair for quest - enough to make it feel like it moves. Headband moves on both versions.
  • Locomotion Fix
  • PC Version - 55,290 polygons, Quest version - 10,000

Unity 2019.4.31f1

Also use this good quality avatar for events!


(Base) Pandaabear -edited, (Head) nikkie#0088, (Shirt) rinebean#1111, (Hair) Shugan#5652, (Undies) brae#2007 -edited for bulge, (Socks) Wen (Face Texture) miing#8888 -edited to fit Chiyo head, (Headband) clally#6969

TOS Can Be Found Here


**This Avatar was made when we were co-partnered as soupiee. If you take issue with this as an asset creator for this avatar, please dm me.

You will get the following files:
  • TXT (1KB)

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