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Amber 3.0

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Meet Amber, a 3.0 Avatar

  • FBX Included
  • Upload Ready
  • FBT Ready
  • GoGo Loco
  • Marker
  • Updated Phys Bones and Colliders, Grabbable Skirt, Hair, Ears, and Tails

Unity 2019.4.31f1


(Base) Pandaabear (Head) nikkie#0088, (Gloves) Strasza, (Arm Fishnets) Cassis, (Eye Texture) Noodle dragon#8995, (Short Emo Hair) SockEmBopEm#2131, (Long Hair) Onyx (Cyber Rave Texture) -Sang-#0222, (Blindfold) berryvee#0697, (Cute transparent skirt) RenaYamaki#8026, (Shirt) Siren#1001, (Fox Tail) B o o#8584, (Nail texture) smoluni, (Dragon Headphones) zombies_in_soup, (Shoes) Bobster#8539, (Ears) Aantara, (Chain Top) Duckyy, (Metal Tail) Dejie, (Fishnet Leggings) ChocoRitz, (Socks) AQ

TOS Can Be Found Here


You will get a 7Z (277MB) file

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