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Cain 3.0

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Meet Cain, a 3.0 Avatar with Phys Bones

  • Phys Bones for Hair, Ears, Tail, Fins, and Butt, and Boobs. Colliders in Chest, Head, Legs, and Floor. Tails do NOT go through the floor.
  • The tails have a gentle sway for tail idle animation
  • Toggles (Coral's has been updated with more)

Skin Color Variants:

Get the ECouple Counterpart here: Cain and Coral 3.0 (

Unity 2019.4.31f1

Upload Instructions are included in each package!



(Base) Pandaabear, (Head) ZinPia, (Shirt) Talie's Corner, (Tail) Bubblegumz, (Mask) Virtual Threads, (Ears) E L I Z A's Waifu Warehouse, (Tattoo Skin Texture) Uni#1369 -edited, (Harness) PokerBlunders, (Motorcycle Boots) Bobster#8539, (Pants) ♡~ moonlight ~♡, (Arm Chains) BloodRayne#0001, (Hair) Oliver#8983

TOS Can Be Found Here


You can find a video here:

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (165MB) file

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