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Coral REWORK - VRCFT Compatible

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Meet Coral,

Mermaid/Human Hybrid!


Coral has been reworked with much thought and love put into her. I've swapped her head to my own personal VRCFT-made Bunisu v2 head. I hope you like her as much as I do <3

  • Two versions of the avatar are included for those who do not have face tracking
  • Phys Bones for Hair, Ears, Tail, Fins, and Butt, and Boobs. Colliders in Chest, Head, Legs, and Floor. Tail doesn't go through the floor.
  • The tail has a gentle sway for tail idle animation
  • Gogo Loco
  • Three hairstyles: short, braids, long
  • Get cozy with a long sleeve all the way to a bikini.
  • This new version of Coral is NOT Quest compatible, however the old version of Coral is attached as well which is ^^

(Old version of coral, just showing the tail here)

Get the ECouple Counterpart here: Cain and Coral 3.0 (

Latest Unity, VCC not needed.



(Base) Pandaabear (Head) Bunisuvr, (Garter Straps) Captainrattail#4978, (Bangs) Minki, (Long Sleeve) Rhaast, (Shorts) Mehdi, (Braids) apyr, (Boots) LuxxiLunar, (Tail) Bubblegumz, (Long Hair) Saikura, (Mask) Virtual Threads, (Gloves) Vincent#3964, (Tattoo Skin Texture) Uni#1369, (Eye Texture) WetCat#6969, (Eye tex new ver) Ryouhh, (Ears) E L I Z A's Waifu Warehouse, (Ears new ver.) Cupcake, (Bubbles) Neyko-Nee#1001, (Corset) MistyUniiverse, (Skirt) Todeskändidat#6030, (Hair) minki#1515, (Panties) kookoo439, (Panties new ver) Vinuzhka, (Bikini Top) Len#1000, (bikini new ver) KingShai69, (Arm Chain) Zeffyr's Avatars, (Long Hair) Onyx, (Floofy Hair) bunisu#4924

Thankyou @Roseemary for help with pics/videos :)

TOS Can Be Found Here


You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (529MB)
  • 7Z (326MB)

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