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Molly 3.0

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Meet Molly, a 3.0 Avatar

  • Phys Bones for Hair, Ears, Jacket, Boobs, Butt, and Tail.
  • Toggles:
  • Ears, Garter, Jacket, Paws (to barefoot), Scarf, Fishnets, Tail, Bodysuit
  • Radial Menus:
  • Hue shift for skin and jacket,
  • Gogo Loco
  • DPS
  • Marker
  • Quest Compatible!


(Kitty Ears) cow#4888, (Tail) Wolfs Den 3D, Bodysuit (Pursu#6500), TecJacket (Nessy!#7402), Paws (iceboundcannibal), Garter (Kay), (Head) Cici's type 3 Female by Cicieaaa#7777, (Body) Pandaabear, (Bandana) Arkoren, (Hair) Saikura, (Fishnets) parvrc

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  • ZIP (1GB)
  • TXT (135B)

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