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Terms of Service

These rules apply to everything:

  • Redistributing, sharing, leaking, and or trading is absolutely not allowed.
  • Do not share assets or avatars with others. Please direct them to my shop to purchase themselves (If it is a couples avatar, you may share it with one person.)
  • The only way to obtain my models and assets are through,, Discord or patreon. Anywhere else is stolen content.
  • You may not claim my avatars/assets as your own. Even edits.
  • Do not upload my avatars as public.
  • Do not download my avatars and take assets for your own use (asset mining).

For Avatars:

  • If you are going to stream with my avatars, you must credit me in your description (@Samayebae)
  • You may use my avatars (except chibis) for NSFW purposes.
  • You are allowed to edit my models. Have fun :)
  • Do not remove watermarks if they are in the heads of my avatars.
  • You can send the package to someone to edit an avatar, but you must inform them to delete the package and the avatar from their account after.

For Assets:

  • You may use all of my assets for both personal and commercial use as well as public and free avatars but you must credit me (@Samayebae)